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The Patient Group offers its members a stimulating programme of health related talks and discussions. The talks are well received but on occasions have been poorly attended. Have you been to a talk recently and, if not, what might encourage you to attend?

Please email the committee member responsible for Education with your comments.

For comments about the Patient Group in general please email the Chairman.
Education Programme
The education programme is currently suspended due to the pandemic.
** Don’t forget to email our Education Secretary and have your say on what you would like to see on the programme.**

Event Programme

The Friends of Davenport House run an exciting education programme each year.

The purpose of the main programme is to keep members in touch with current medical treatments and research as well as the medical policies and politics governing them, particularly in our area.

Many of the discussions are led by local hospital consultants or other specialists in their fields, and afford an opportunity for questions to be answered.

Topics covered in the past have been presented by eye and ear surgeons, heart surgeons, hand & foot surgeons, staff from the local hospice, mental health specialists, CCG representatives as well as presentations by our own doctors from the Practice - one meeting involved  seven of our doctors on an ‘Any Questions’ panel  informing us on a huge range of topics.

Meetings are free to Friends of Davenport House but a donation to help with the running of the education programme would be appreciated.
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