Friends Of Davenport House
Contact the Trustees

You can reach us by dropping a note into the Patient Group on the left hand end wall of the Surgery reception area. You can also post letters to us by using the address below:



Friends of Davenport House

C/O Davenport House Surgery

Bowers Way

Harpenden AL5 4HX


The email contact details for the Friends of Davenport House trustees are as follows:
Committee Name Email
Chairman Simon Speirs
Vice Chairman Brian McDonald
Friends Secretary Helen Hartley
Newsletter John Harris
Education Vacancy
Secretary Joan Shopper
Treasurer John Harris
Younger Patient Vacancy
Technology Bob Fletcher
Simon Speirs - Chairman
Brian McDonald- Vice- Chairman
Joan Shopper- Secretary
John Harris- Newsletters
Helen Hartley- Membership
Bob Fletcher- Technology
Claire Watts
Kingsley Roberts.j
Steve Twelftree
Katie Hill
Friends of Davenport House, c/o Davenport House Surgery, Bowers Way, Harpenden AL5 4HX- Charity Number 1184307

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