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The Insider Guide to Repeat Prescriptions

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A repeat medication can only be set up by a doctor. They will make the decision to set up a repeat if the medication can be taken over a period of time without review, for example hypertensive medication. In general the repeat will be valid for 6 issues at which time the doctor will wish to see the patient to review the effectiveness of the medication and discuss alternatives if appropriate.




If a medication is on repeat, the prescription will be accompanied by a repeat order form. This form lists all medications that is considered as repeats and indicates how many issues can be requested before the GP will need to see the patient. The form should be checked at the time of receipt so that, if an appointment is necessary, it can be made prior to the medication running out. NB appointments can be booked up to two weeks ahead. A medication that requires review is clearly marked on the repeat order form: you NEED to see your doctor before further prescriptions can be issued.




For valid repeat medication, orders are accepted by hand, post, fax and via the website using on line services. For safety reasons we do not accept medication requests over the phone. When ordering always use your latest repeat order form so that medications are current. You should allow 48 hours (excluding week ends) for a VALID repeat to be issued. When ordering, you may nominate a local pharmacy who will collect your prescription from the Surgery on your behalf. Please tick the appropriate pharmacy on the repeat order form. If using this method your medication will be available at the pharmacy in 48 hours- no need to come to the Surgery.


To utilise on line ordering you will need to pre-register at the Surgery. Forms can be printed from our website: - please navigate to on line services.


Once completed please bring the form and photo ID (i.e. passport or driving licence) to the Surgery for verification. You will then be given a code to activate your on line account.




If your medication is not on the form, the doctor does not consider it to be a repeated item. This maybe because the doctor wishes to monitor you closely and needs to see you prior to each issue or because you have not had the item for 12 months and it may no longer be appropriate. We do not put contraception or HRT preparations on repeat. If you order an item that is not valid (either out of issue or not on repeat) it is sent to your doctor for consideration. The doctor may not agree to prescribe without first reviewing your current health and therefore we cannot confirm that it will be ready within 48 hours. Indeed, we may contact you to make an appointment to discuss your needs.




If a consultant either prescribes new medication or changes your current medication please let the Surgery know as soon as possible if you require a prescription. It can take time for a consultants letter to reach Surgery and GPs do not usually generate a prescription on receipt of these letters. Since some consultants will issue a prescription during the consultation, GPs wait for a direct request from the patient to minimise duplication. Similarly if a consultant issues you with a private prescription we cannot guarantee that the GP will issue an NHS prescription within 48 hours.





Valid repeat medication is listed on your latest repeat order form.

If the repeat form states that you must see a GP before the next issue make an appointment in plenty of time- you can book up to two weeks in advance.

If booking a review appointment ask reception to check that your GP has not already re-authorised your medication.

Allow 48hrs to fill a repeat medication- this does not include weekends and bank holidays.

If a consultant changes your medication do not assume that the GP will be aware of the change and issue a prescription- you must still request the item.

If in doubt please contact the receptionists who will be happy to help.

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